Slow, Small, Beautiful....

Two Threads is a Melbourne based label with a focus on slow fashion, small runs and creating beautiful clothing for everyday life.

Launched in 2004, they aim to design ethical, sustainable clothing for ageless, modern women, who choose quality over quantity.

Every piece is passionately and proudly made in Melbourne, honouring a thoughtful, slow, handmade approach to fashion. Making timless, long lasting clothes Two Threads is committed to quality and integrity at every stage of the making process.

They design with minimal fabric waste and try to use all their offcuts to make other garments for the range

In addition, as part of their philosophy to reduce fast fashion Two Threads has launched a new concept in deconstructed reworked clothing..... Act Two + [Reworked].

Handcrafted, limited edition pieces made from upcycled garments and reclaimed materials.